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Silstar Square Live Bait Scoop Net 20cm - SRBN-20S

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Live bait anglers listen up. It’s time to stop chasing Yakka and Slimies around your bucket like a crazed lunatic fishing by hand. This message is also for the rock hoppers that, after many years working the ocean front, still insist on throwing live baits in rock pools only to realise moments after, that they’ll spend the next 3 hours trying to retrieve said fish from its watery hidey hole. Boaties with live bait tanks also know that an inordinate amount of time can be wasted chasing panicked baits, clearly freaked out by their intended fate. A very small investment in the right equipment will do away with these comical capers. Feast your eyes on the Silstar Square Head Bait Net. It’s designed just for you.

In a less frivolous respect, the Silstar bait net is a very useful, inexpensive tool for protecting your live baits from injury during the process of retrieval and baiting. It also makes the process incredibly fast and easy.

We know full well that over handling and rough treatment our small bait fish reduce their endurance, movement and life expectancy on the hook. The Silstar Bait Net is manufactured using soft rubber netting that is gentle on the fish and also makes them more ’compliant’ when the time comes to handle it, further reducing the stress of the fish.

Constructed to a size that will fit easily in a bucket or tackle bag, the Silstar Bait Net is an essential in the live bait angler’s kit. The Silstar Bait Net is affordable and available for mere pocket change.


- Protects bait fish from over handling.
- Saves the inconvenience of retrieving bait fish from containment by hand.
- A useful tool for catching bait fish in the shallows.


- 21cm handle
- 20cm diameter head
- Rubber mesh netting
- Aluminium construction frame