Shimano 175610

Shimano Status Bent Butt Overhead Game Rod

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The Shimano Status Bent Butt rods have been constructed utilising high power carbon and e-glass blank technology to withstand and absorb the pressures of deep water fishing. These rods come with an ergonomic aluminium bent butt that allows for optimum angles when deploying baits, waiting for bites and fighting tough deep water species like bass, hapuka (groper) and blue nose. These rods are a great match with the Shimano Dendou-Maru series of power assisted reels. Comes in most popular line weights 30 lb, 50 lb and 80 lb for deep water fishing.

Note: The Shimano Status Bent Butt PE 5-8 Rod has a Swivel Tip.

The Shimano status Bent butt Deep Drop rod comes with a Shimano Australia 1 year rod warranty.


- High Power Carbon & E-Glass Blank Technology
- Ergonomic Aluminium Bent Butt


- Model: STATUSBBRT3-5
- Rating: PE3-5 
- Rod Type: Running Tip
- Butt Type: Bent Butt
- Length (ft): 5'10"
- Pieces: 2

- Model: STATUSBBRT5-8
- Rating: PE5-8 
- Rod Type: Swivel Tip
- Butt Type: Bent Butt
- Length (ft): 5'2"
- Pieces: 2