Shimano 22255239745

Shimano OCEA Bubble Dip 180mm Stickbait Fishing Lure

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Weighing 76g and available in five fish-catching colours, the Bubble Dip floats at rest and is easy to work in a number of ways. Best described as a stickbait/slim popper hybrid, the cup face also features a bubble chamber to create pop and extra froth and bubble when the lure is worked with the rod.

The action is a fast splash with a punching quick dive, which is quite visible even in rough water. The internal AR-C loaded spring weight system means the Bubble Dip can be cast out of sight, but quickly regains its balance on splashdown, ready to be retrieved. The 3X Body design means it’s as tough as they come; delivering higher impact resistance and 3x the strength of comparable lures. And no pulled hook eyelets either, thanks to Shimano’s super strong Through Wire construction. Interestingly, there’s a third eyelet on the belly, which is perfect for attaching a swinging assist hook to.


- Japanese Design
- Surface Popping
- Bubble Charmer
- Floating action
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 180mm
- Weight: 76g