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Shimano Forcemaster Electric Reel - 400

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The Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel is worth its weight in gold for the angler that likes to jig or bottom bounce at significant depth as well as for the anglers involved in the new trend of kite fishing. The electric reel comes into its own when you are dealing with loads of line, distance and depth.

The new trend of Kite fishing is where anglers fish a beach for example, by hooking the rig to a kite and then sending it well out to sea beyond the breakers. Reeling the rig back, fish or no fish can take a huge amount of effort and time. The Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel takes care of all of that hard work for you and slashes retrieve time allowing you to reset your next bait much faster.

The avid boaty is now very familiar with the benefits of the electric reel. Jigging at depth is hard work, as is bottom bouncing. And reeling in from hundreds of meters behind the ocean breakers takes forever. Not with a Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel strapped to your rod. The Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel is also great for the elderly, disabled and those that struggle to manage traditional fishing equipment.

The Hagane body provides superb rigidity ensuring no torque is lost to twist or slop, transferring all the power you impart through the handle. The information displayed to you on the Fine Dot LCD screen is easily read, even under a full sun. You know exactly where your rig is all the time.

While the Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel for sale now attracts a bigger price tag than your average reel, you’ll forget all about the initial outlay when your live wells are full of delicious white, firm flesh fish that are always found way down in the water column. Ensure you boat has at least one Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel, and if you are getting into kite fishing, this is a must have.


  • Fine Dot LCD
  • Heat Free System II
  • Muteki Motor
  • Cross carbon Drag
  • Exciting Drag Sound
  • Hagane Body
  • Star Drag
  • 88 CM Retrieve Range
  • Actual Maintainable Winding Strength 14
9000 3 SD/LD 3.1:1 No
300DH 8+2+1 5 (Kg) 5.1:1 No
400 8+2+1 5 (Kg) 5.1:1 No
6000 5 26 (Kg) 3.1:1 No