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Shimano Engetsu Baitcast Reel - 100PG

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Compact and versatile casting is the best wat to describe the Engetsu series of baitcasters. Available in a 100 size, the Engetsu is compact in size but offers great versatility for anglers who are seeking to downsize their tackle to get bigger bites. Designed with both lure casting and micro jigging in mind, the Engetsu offers endless performance and is available in both a Power (5.8:1) and High (7.8:1) gear ratios. Hagane Body, X-Ship and Micro Module offers smooth winding performance, and SVS promotes accurate and controlled casts. Featuring 7+1 stainless A-RB bearings.

Size Bearings Drag Rating Gear Ratio Capacity
100PG 7+1 5kg 5.8:1 PE1/200m
100HG 7+1 4kg 7.8:1 PE1/200m