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Shimano Catana FE Spinning Reel

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If you are looking for a freshwater spinning reel at a very affordable price, the Catana FE is one option you should not ignore. Ideal for a wide range of fishing, from lightweight and medium sized lures, to match and feeder fishing, the understated appearance looks fantastic and the performance is remarkable for a reel of this price. Pair the Catana with any low and mid-priced Shimano rod and you have a great combination that you will be proud to own and use. In use you’ll immediately notice the improved balance produced by Shimano’s latest G-Free body design. This body design is to be found on the very best Shimano reels and makes fishing easier over a long period of time. The smoothness you’ll feel comes from a combination of 3 Shimano Stainless Steel Ball Bearings plus a Roller Bearing, which ensures trouble free performance, even when playing the largest fish. Like top of the range Shimano reels, the aluminium spool has an AR-C design, which combined with Varispeed II line lay improves casting distance and accuracy, with both mono and braided lines. Perhaps the most difficult decision you’ll have to make is which Catana size to choose. There are 7 models, including fast speed ‘HG’ versions, ranging from the smallest 1000 size suitable for lightweight ‘finesse’ fishing up to the largest 4000 size which is perfect for larger lures and heavy feeder fishing. 


- Propulsion line management system
- Shimano G-free body
- 3+1 ball bearings
- Upgraded handle knob


- Model: CAT1000FE
- Max Drag (kg): 3.8
- Gear Ratio: 5.0:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 4/160

- Model: CAT2500HGFE
- Max Drag (kg): 4
- Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 8/140

- Model: CATC3000HGFE
- Max Drag (kg): 8.6
- Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 8/170

- Model: CAT4000HGFE
- Max Drag (kg): 8.6
- Gear Ratio: 5.8:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 10/200