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Samaki Zing Extreme Swimbait Baitcast Rod - 802BSBXH

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With the increase in swimbait fishing and techniques spreading across Australia, Samaki has designed two specific actions to suit our Australian market. The 7’9ft model is designed for medium to large swimbaits up to 5oz whilst the 8’0ft model targets the bigger timber swimbait lures up to 8oz. Both have a long double-handed butt design, which is detachable at the fore grip, enabling easier transport and increased power whilst fighting fish all without the loss of action. In designing this series the team took into account the need for accurate size guide requirements, it is a critical factor when designing any models but when your working on the knowledge of international markets and the hanging factors for our unique environment you have to be precise. In the USA market they tend to fish monofilament straight though where as in Australia we fish braid with heavy fluorocarbon leader adding to the need of having bigger guide sizing giving our models increased distance in casting and long term performance. All Samaki Zing Xtremes sport Fuji Reel Seats Fuji guides, ultra hard EVA camouflaged grips and are a blend of 30 & 40 tonne Japanese carbon to obtain a perfect action in chucking these large enticing lures. Although swimbaiting was originally developed in the freshwater scene chasing Murray cod it is rapidly adapting to chasing Barramundi in the northern states and Jewfish in the southern areas so jump on board with this phenomenal fishing technique.

1292 SZX-792BSBH Cast 7'9" 2 Heavy 15-30 lb 1 - 5 oz
1293 SZX-802SBBXH Cast 8'0" 2 Extra Heavy 20-40 lb 2 -8 oz