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RWB Rule Gentle Flow 500GPH Oxygenator - 12V

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New Rule infusor technology Livewell systems are a patented system which introduces air into the base of the Livewell pump through the “Air control centre” to produce millions of micro-fine air bubbles.

Because these bubbles are so small they remain suspended in the water longer, providing more aeration to keep your delicate bait and catch alive and healthy - in a smaller amount of water, allowing a smaller Livewell tank to be used, if desired.

The gentle-flow discharge allows the micro-fine bubbles to pass gently into your Livewell tank reducing harmful turbulence. The air control valve allows simple adjustment of the air / water mixture.

The gentle-flow system includes Rule 12v Livewell thru-hull pump with air intake, gentle-flow directional discharge, intake strainer, air hose, one-way air valve and air/water control valve.   


- Air control centre produce micro-fine air bubbles
- Provides more aeration
- Gentle flow discharge


- Gentleflow kit with 500 GPH pump 
- Ideal for up to 5 kg of bait
- Litres Per Hour: 1890