Rule 42237109880

Rule IL200 Inline Submersible 12 Volt Pump

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A great and versatile little pump, all with the well respected name of Rule. Rule IL200 12V Economy Pump has many applications in the boating, caravan, industrial and general fields. 

This pump is not self priming. It must be gravity fed, have a one-way valve used in line or fully submersed. It has a clip-on/off strainer which, when removed, reveals a hose connection end for in-line pumping applications. It's super slim size allows it to fit into very small spaces and it easily fits into the filling hole of a 20 litre drum. 


- Dual use / submersible or 13mm hose inline pump
- Includes 1 metre of wiring cable
- Extra slim body size


- 12 volt
- 2.8 amp draw
- 760 Litres/hr
- Intermittent use, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off
- Cable length: 1 metre
- 10mm and 13mm inlet and outlet
- Head: 7.6 metres
- Pressure: 14psi
- Maximum water temperature: 60C
- Weighs: 113g
- Overall length with filter but excluding hose and wires, 130mm
- Diameter: 36mm