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Rovex Air Strike NXT Green Braided Fishing Line - 300yd

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Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line utilises the latest in braid manufacturing technology to create a high-performance Braid Fishing line that offers minimum stretch, incredible sensitivity and quick hook-sets.

Air Strike Braid Fishing Line is made to be round, rather than flat, and that will provide you with smoother casting while still offering near-zero stretch and easy handling. Made from 100% Dyneema fibres for the best possible strength to diameter ratio, it will handle both saltwater and freshwater fishing environments well.  


- Consistent tensile strength
- Exceptional knot strength
- Ultimate abrasion resistance
- 100% Dyneema fibres
- Australian design
- Colour: Green


- Breaking strain: 10lb
- Diameter: 0.16mm
- Length: 300yd

- Breaking strain: 15lb
- Diameter: 0.18mm
- Length: 300yd

- Breaking strain: 20lb
- Diameter: 0.23mm
- Length: 300yd

- Breaking strain: 30lb
- Diameter: 0.29mm
- Length: 300yd

- Breaking strain: 80lb
- Diameter: 0.38mm
- Length: 300yd