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Rob Allen Performance Pre Made Spear Gun Rubber 14mm

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Rob Allen Premade 14mm Blue Rubbers are made from the famous blue coated latex and the highest grade dyneema bridle.

Made up in store by our staff, we save you the time and effort of making them yourself. The rubber is made with Rob Allen’s coated latex rubber that is blue on the outside and amber in the centre. Being coated allows the rubber to last longer.

A Rob Allen dyneema bridle is inserted in to the rubber and tied off with a constrictor cord.  This is then used to hook on to the spear’s notch for loading. We understand that you may not have the tools of skill to make your own rubbers which is why we have pre-made these to help. You can choose to make your own rubbers with a Bridle D.I.Y kit, all you need is to purchase the length of rubber and then you can make them yourself on the go. Having a spare pre-made rubber is also a great idea if you are heading out on a spear trip where buying a new rubber is not possible.


- Coloured outer layer increases the protection from the environment
- The amber inner core is more pure for performance
- Rubber manufactured in the USA by Dip processing
- Pre-tied and ready to go straight on to your muzzle
- Without question on of the best rubbers
- Perfect for spare rubbers on trips
- Ready to use straight away


- 14mm Diameter
- Sizes (cm): 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85