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Rob Allen Nomad Reel Speargun

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The Rob Allen Nomad Reel Speargun is a heavy duty gun that are made from high grade aluminium which makes this gun a great choice. It is lightweight, extremely sturdy and packs plenty of power. It is a rail gun which means that there is a rail running the length of the barrel where the spear sits in. When fired, the rail guides the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight without any wobble. Keep in mind that even though the rail keeps the spear straight, the gun is only as accurate as the user.

Coming with a 7mm shaft with a single flopper that is engineered from a ultra tough spring steel that allows you to penetrate the largest of fish and connecting the spear to the gun is a monofilament that is rated to 180kg and this is connected to the gun bungee that sits under the barrel near the handle. Holding the mono tight against the gun when loaded is the stainless steel line release which drops the mono when the trigger is pulled to free the line. The single flopper is an extra piece of steel that loosely sits at the tip of the spear and is what holds the fish securely on the spear once it has penetrated through the fish. The flopper opens so the fish can not slide off. 

As mentioned above, this speargun features the strongest 7mm Spear on the market! Spring steel with a galvanised Zinc coating, heavy duty barb (flopper) and Tri-cut point for maximum penetration.


- Fully rigged ready to Spear Rob Allen reel gun
- Custom designed Camouflage Aircraft grade aluminium Rail barrel
- Low profile muzzle fitted with powerful 18mm genuine Rob Allen Rubber
- Fitted with the new improved Vecta 2 trigger mechanism capable of handling over 300kg of Rubber power


- Available sizes: 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm
- Reel with 45M of line
- 18mm rubber
- Aluminium barrel 1.45mm thick
- 7mm spring steel spear
- 10mm gun bungee