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Road Chef Little Tacker Heavy Duty 12 Volt Travel Oven

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Road Chef's Little Tacker oven is perfect for those that what to be able to cook and reheat their food on the go, but don’t have or need the space for a Road Chef or Big Bertha Oven. While it is small on the outside it is surprisingly large on the inside with a 3 Litre Capacity. Designed to fit aluminium or plastic take away containers, 2 pies or large sausage rolls the Little Tacker can easily feed one or two people, depending on your appetite!

The Little Tacker is Powered by 12v DC via the supplied cigarette/Merit Plug and draws 5.5amp when it is operating. The back of the oven has an illuminated On/Off switch. the Single element is attached to the bottom of the inner tank and will heat the oven to 150°, thermostat controlled. The supplied removable trivet should be used when cooking or reheating to maximise air flow around the food, enabling more even cooking. It is recommended to rotate and/or stir your food throughout the cook for even heating. Weighing only 2.7kgs the Little Tacker is fully insulated and made from strong and durable stainless steel. The lid has two extra strong hinges that support it in the open position, making it easy for you to insert and remove food from your Little Tacker. The spring loaded over centre latch shuts it down tight, holding the heat in and locking it closed for when it is being carried by the insulated folding handle. The lid has vent holes letting steam escape during the cooking process allowing your food to crisp up and caramelise. The Little Tacker is perfect for pre-prepared meals and awesome for snacks on the go.


- 5.5amp Element
- 66watts @ 12v DC
- Cigarette / Meritt Plug
- Simple On/Off Switch
- Trivet Included
- Fully Insulated Stainless Steel
- Strong Handle and Hinge


- Model: LTRC12VO
- Material: Stainless Steel
- External Size (mm): 267 W x 154 H x 162 D
- Internal Size (mm): 235 W x 100 H x 132 D
- Operating Temp: Up to 150°, Thermostat Controlled