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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

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THE BEST REEL LUBRICANTS! Quantum reel engineers weren't happy with the standard lubrication anglers had to put up with, so in 2001 they set out to develop a premium high-performance lubrication for Quantum's high-end reels. Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and Hot Sauce Grease are the result of the ensuing research and development in conjunction with one of the world's best custom lubrication companies. Each lubricant formula is proprietary, but we can reveal that it is a blend of synthetic and organic additives. Hot Sauce Grease incorporates a fine Teflon powder mixed with other secret ingredients to create a super slick lubricant. Hot Sauce lubricants can be used in any spin, baitcaster or trolling reel, and in fact in any product that has moving parts, wear, noise and/or corrosion issues. Hot Sauce is great for freshwater and saltwater applications. It's not the cheapest, but we think Quantum Hot Sauce lubricants are the best you can get for all your fishing reels.