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Plano Z Series Tackle Storage Bag with Boxes

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The Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags provide exceptionally convenient and organised storage no matter where you’re fishing. They are fully-loaded with heavy duty features such as 500D PVC Fabric construction, coupled with a waterproof moulded base with non-slip inserts for a rugged tackle management system. In addition to the fabric and base, the Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags also integrate additional rigid body structure and durable strap hardware to create an infallible storage crate.

Not only do the Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags have all the right attributes to expertly handle all of your freshwater bass angling needs, but they also boast a zipperless design to accommodate full exposure to saltwater elements with zero possibility of corrosion. To more fully cover all the bases, they include dual quick drain mesh side pockets, moulded hardware attachment points, and two Stowaways included to get you organised in a hurry. Delivering supreme organisational elements and the rugged performance to handle any environment, the Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags are the perfect way to streamline your fishing adventures.


- 500D PVC Fabric
- Waterproof molded base with non-slip inserts
- Quick drain mesh side pockets
- Additional body structure
- Moulded attachment hardware
- Heavy-Duty strap hardware


- Stowaway size: 3600
- Includes: x2 3600 Stowaway boxes
- Specifications: 21 x 40 x 25cm

Stowaway size3700
- Includes: x2 3700 Stowaway boxes
- Specifications: 25 x 47 x 26cm