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Ocean Pro Fin Keeper

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The Ocean Pro Fin Keep safely secures your fin to ensure it isn’t lost when diving in surge or rough conditions.  It also helps when diving with a foot pocket that is slightly loose to ensure that the fin is held securely in place.

If you are between sizes and your foot pockets are slightly loose these will snug them up. Creating a good fit is important in making your fins perform their best. If you have a loose foot pocket then you are not getting 100% energy transfer and you’ll have to work harder to maintain speed.

You will notice your foot pockets are loose if you switch from wearing thicker booties to thinner booties or no booties at all as the water warms up throughout the year. Fin keepers are the easiest way to compensate for the extra gap in your foot pockets as you change booties. With these you will always have a snug fit.

If you dive in areas with larger shore break and rough water then a pair of keepers will make sure your fins don’t get knocked off as you enter, exit and dive these tougher conditions.

A proper fitting fin will result in more power, efficiency, and most importantly comfort.  A poorly fitting fin can result in cramping, blistering, and power loss.  The best way to decide on a fin is to try them on.  Make sure to wear a pair of neoprene socks and try different sizes and different models.  The ideal fin should fit slightly snug so that you do not have any slop, but should not fit too tight.  A fin that fits too tight will only result in your feet cramping while you are diving.  The silicon/rubber foot pockets of the fin will generally conform to your feet nicely, but make sure that the overall pocket design isn’t too narrow or too wide for your foot as the foot pocket will not change in shape with use.


- Fin Keepers are great for ensuring that your fins stay on
- Gives more power
- Makes fins more comfortable


 - Sizes: Small, Medium, Large