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Ocean Hunter Spear Gun Mono with Crimps OHZMFCR

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Ocean Hunter Mono Line - 10m Pack (inc 4 crimps)

The Ocean Hunter Monofilament Line with 4 Crimps Pack will allow you to easily replace your worn out monofilament shooting line in just minutes. It includes all that you will need to re-rig your speargun and get you back in the water hunting again. Included with this kit is 10 metres of Ocean Hunter Monofilament Line and 4 Crimps so you will have enough supplies to rig your speargun shooting line twice.

The 1.8mm Ocean Hunter Mono is renowned for having minimal stretch which helps to ensure no messy rigging and because it has minimal memory this Mono also allows for for quicker reloading times with less time spent untangling your shooting line. The Monofilament Line is this kit also has exceptional shock strength which provides extra confidence for the spearo when taking on bigger pelagic fish. In addition because the Mono is black in colour, it also has superb UV resistance for long life.

The 4 Crimps that come with this pack are manufactured from marine grade brass for long life and will accommodate mono thickness up to 1.8 mm. The Ocean Hunter Mono and Crimp Kit makes an ideal spare for the traveling spearo as is invaluable on your next trip so you can fix any breaks that may occur in the field.


- Black colour
- 4 crimps
- Minimal stretch


- Length: 10m