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NS Black Hole BOCA-S Spin Rod

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“BOCA-S” Big Game Fishing Rods with thin but strong and lightweight blanks that incorporate the unique know-how of N.S! Designed to land monster-grade fish without problems. Big One Challenge Above (BOCA) caters to the wish of big game fishing enthusiasts! 

The S-80 is quintessential for casting to 60kg GT. It can cast poppers to make fish like tuna weighing more than 100kg rise up.

The S-804 is ideal for using metal jigs and pencils with a weight of about 40-100g, it is slim and lightweight but provides more than expected torque for big mackerel, dolphinfish and even amberjack and kingfish.


- Guide System Popping - FUJI KWSG-S TANGLE FREE "SIC"NEW
- Guide System Light Popping - FUJI KWSG-S + KTSG-S + KLSG-S TANGLE FREE "SIC"NEW
- Reel Seat Popping - FUJI DPS + LO/AN DUBLE LOCK NUT
- Reel Seat Light Popping : FUJI DPS + LO/AN DUBLE LOCK NUT
- 4-axis carbon +NANO CARBON blank technology


- Model: S-80 (Popping)
- Length: 2.43m
- Pieces: 2
- Weight: 351g
- Lure Weight: 200g
- Line Rating: PE10
- Guides: 7
- Grip: 415mm

- Model: S-804 (Light Popping)
- Length: 2.43m
- Pieces: 2
- Weight: 228g
- Lure Weight: 30~100g
- Line Rating: PE4
- Guides: 7
- Grip: 425mm