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Nories Inlet Shad 3.2 inch Soft Plastic Lure

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The Nories Inlet Shad makes full use of the excellent body "Inlet Minnow". These include body wave, castability, hook hold performance, colouring, shad tail swinging to high pitch, natural wave motion and natural rolling action.
It corresponds to various rigs such as jig heads and down shot as well as no sinker, and it demonstrates the power of fine dining even in swimming.

A tubular body that also expresses the colour that makes it function as an air room that softens the body to improve hooking performance and underwater posture.

Slit that becomes a guide for the point guard, jig head and wacky hook when using offset hook. Deployed on both the back and belly.


- Tubelar Body
- Special Shad Tail
- Hook Slit
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 3.2" Inlet shad / 75 mm 
- Quantity Per Pack: 7