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Nomad Heavy Duty Tackle Storage Duffle Bag

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The nomad design 40l duffle bag is the perfect storage solution for your next boating, travel, or adventure trip!

Plenty of space to fit tackle trays, lure rolls, jig wallets and all things fishing tackle, this bag is ideal and a must for all fishermen.

Designed with super tough and durable waterproof Tarpaulin material, this bag takes storage up a level. Pockets are featured on all four sides and one internal pocket, there is heaps of room for all things small and big.

Heavy-duty waterproof zippers, tough metal buckles and polyester straps and you have the perfect bag, able to handle the wild conditions the sea can offer up!

Show up in style the next time you are down at the Mariner or boat ramp with the Nomad Design Duffle bag.


- Heavy-duty waterproof zippers
- Metal buckles


- Dimensions (H x W x D): 28cm x 54cm x 28cm