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Nomad Design Riptide 125mm 35g Sinking Stickbait Fishing Lure

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The sinking 125 has the internal weights placed to maximise casting but also to allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub surface walk the dog action, which sees the lure able to turn nearly 180 degrees underwater when retrieved slowly with a walk the dog “twitching” rod tip action. The sinking 125 riptide literally dances side to side underwater when fished with this retrieve, and this is an action difficult to replicate with any other lure.

The Gorilla Through Wire system is used on the 125's, making them super tough and ensuring that big fish never gets away. Fitted with 4X strong Ultra Anti Rust BKK trebles. All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production. The Riptide casting lures are ready to perform straight out of the box.


- Fitted with 4X Strong #2 BKK Ultra Anti Rust Trebles
- Internal weights
- Gorilla Through Wire system
- Tough triple layer coating
- Colours: Range available


- Length: 125mm
- Weight: 35g (SINKING)