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Nomad Design Maverick 115mm 21g Floating Surface Fishing Lure

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The Maverick is made super strong and is up to any challenge. The Maverick 115 can be worked with a slow twitching action of the rod to get an amazing walk the dog surface action, which has a subtle splash, body roll and side to side pivoting action. It can also be worked with a long slow sweep of the rod for a completely unique crazy underwater swimming action matched with a splash and bubble trail. The trick with the long sweeping retrieve is a slightly faster rod sweep on the first 1/5 of the sweep. This pulls the head underwater with a big gulp of air and then creates the bubble trail. The rest of the sweep should be smooth and slow and you will feel the Maverick thumping and swimming through the rod tip. The cupped head and air chambers going through to the underside of the body have been designed to force bubbles along the side of the body, where they hug the sides of the lure creating a unique rolling swimming action.

There are few lures as versatile as the Maverick 115. It is ideal when slowly walked across the surface for barramundi or Murray Cod, but is equally at home on a reef flat or being cast into s boiling school of tuna, kingfish or mackerel. There are few fish that won’t eat a Maverick.


- Cupped head and air chambers
- Colours: Range available


- Length: 115mm
- Weight: 21g