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Nomad Design Buffalo Jig 180g Fishing Lure

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The Buffalo range of jigs cover all styles of jigging from fast to very slow, with something for every Australian species. Ideal for everything from snapper and kingfish through to coral trout, nannygai and emperor on the reef. This great value range of jigs are ready to fish out of the package featuring quality BKK hooks.

The Buffalo the classic teardrop profile and worked at a good consistent pace will attract mid-water dwelling species like Kingfish. given the nice and steady slow pitch action you'll get bites from bottom species such as snapper. The wider body profile and detail on the back gives the jig a flutter and wobble on the drop.


- Flutter action.
- Classic teardrop profile.
- A slow pitched, centre balanced jig that flutters as it falls, mimicking a wounded fish.
- Features 5X BKK assist hook on the tail.
- Use with a long lift of the rod, then allow the jig to flutter on the drop.
- Perfect for schools of tuna on reef species on a slow fall near the bottom.


- Weight: 180g
- Length: 110mm