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Mustad Megabite Pro Select Ultra Point Worm Hook

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Anglers love fishing deep into snags and the only way to do this effectively with soft plastics is to rig weedless.

The Mustad Megabite Soft Plastics (37177BLN) is precision built to rig plastics weedless. The hook point is angled perfectly to allow the plastic to expose the hook point on any strike and the angle of the hook eye allows easy hook sets. Making use of the Ultra Point finish, the Megabite hook is a classic weedless unweighted worm hook.


- Weedless unweighted worm hook
- Ultra Point
- Black nickel finish
- Ringed eye
- Opti-Angle Hook Point
- Pro selection pre-pack


- Size: 2
- Quantity Per Pack: 10

- Size: 1/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 7

- Size: 2/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 7

- Size: 3/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

- Size: 4/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

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