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Molix Real Thing RT Shad Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure 7 Inch

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The RT Shad have a dynamic profile with a bulky paddle tail gives natural and realistic movements with great stability. The swimming action is natural and vibrant with a rolling effect at any retrieve speed. Great versatility and effectiveness in both freshwater and saltwater.

RT Shad is a little and realistic soft shad, designed thanks to a soft high-density mixture.

The special design imitates the shapes of a tiny forage fish, which will trig the predatory instinct of lazy and suspicious predators as well.

The dynamic profile shape and the bulky paddle give it an original and realistic movement, and also a great stability, using it with different rigs. The swimming is so natural and vibrant with an accentuate rolling effect at any retrieval speed.


- Realistic fish shape
- 3D eyes
- High density soft body
- Paddle design for special rolling action


- 2 Per pack