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Mimix Jelly Prawn 40SP Hard Body Lure

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The Mimix Jelly Prawn 40SP is a new suspending hard body lure for those anglers serious about their Bream or Bass fishing. It's prawn / crayfish profile and realistic swimming action has Bream and Bass going crazy for this little lure. Mimix Jelly Prawn can copy a real prawn darting through the water as it's jerked, twitched and paused.

The Mimix Jelly Prawn features an ABS plastic body construction for impact resistance and strength. It has great castability for a small lure and is fitted with two Decoy YS-25 treble hooks to make sure you stay hooked up to that big fish. Also effective on Trout, Redfin and many other fish that feed on small shrimp, prawns or crayfish. 


- ABS plastic body construction
- Realisitc prawn / crayfish profile
- Life like swimming action
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 40mm
- Weight: 3g
- Depth: 1.5m
- Decoy YS-25 Treble: #12
- Class Crankbait