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Megabass Halibut 90mm Sinking Hard Body Lure

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The Megabass Halibut 90 is a heavily weighted, sardine shaped, fast sinking minnow fishing lure that is designed for deep diving action.

The lure comes equipped with a wide pronounced bib, angled downward at approximately 70 degrees, to ensure that the Halibut 90 is able to get down to depth quickly to target flounder in inlet gullies or for juvenile Spanish mackerel in local coastal waters.

On a steady retrieve, the uniquely shaped bib of the Halibut 90 will create a strong wobble and rolling action to attract the attention of its intended target species.

The sleek sardine shaped profile of the Halibut 90's body is designed to minimise air resistance during casts, thereby stabilising and balancing the lure whilst in the air. Coupled with a tungsten fixed balancer system, the lure with its small dense profile, will achieve excellent casting distances without tumble even in blustery conditions. 

The Megabass Halibut 90 is an excellent distance casting lure to have, particularly when bait schools and feeding frenzies are located, allowing the angler to cast the lure over the school and work the lure through it with the intent of targeting predators hunting the bait school of sardines.


- Heavily weighted, designed for deep dives
- Sleek sardine shaped profile
- Wide pronounced bib
- Tungsten fixed balancing system
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 90mm
- Weight: 27g
- Buoyancy: Sinking
- Action: Wobble and rolling
- Depth: 2-6m
- Hooks: 2 x #3 trebles