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Maria Duck Dive 230mm Floating Diving Popper Lure

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The Maria Duck Dive 230mm is the perfect balance between popper and stickbait. With a smaller cup face than conventional poppers it is able to be worked with the same tackle as more traditional stickbaits. The internal weight system keeps the Duck Dive far more stable in the water than traditional poppers. As the rod tip is moved the small cup generates a bubble trail as it ducks just under the surface and the water pressure suppresses the movement of the lure so you can let it hang in the zone for a lot longer than traditional stickbaits and poppers. Perfect for targeting large Kings but just as at home chasing Tuna, GT's, Spanish Mackerel and a lot of larger reef species. 


- Smaller cup face compared to conventional poppers
- Internal weight system
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 230mm
- Weight: 95g
- Type: Floating popper