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Mako Escape Matte Black Frame Glass Lens Polarised Sunglasses

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Whether you're camping, fishing, boating or any other outdoor activity, the harsh Australian sun is going to be out and bright. It’s important to protect your eyes from damage by UV rays. Mako Eyewear is famous for high quality polarized lenses. These sunglasses offer ultimate protection from the sun. They use advanced-technology laminated lenses which not only eliminate 99% of glare, but also reduce eye strain. They offer a high level of UV protection and won’t distort your vision.

Polarised sunglasses will take the glare off the water so you can see below. Great for sight-casting on the flats or fly-fishing for trout in rivers or streams. The grey lens colour will reduce overall brightness but still preserve normal colour vision. These grey lenses will also help to prevent eye fatigue, as you won’t be putting as much strain on your eyes. The Escape style is known for its semi-wrap design that blocks out sunlight from your peripheral vision. Featuring a stylish matte black frame and dark grey lenses, you are sure to look and feel great when wearing them.

These high quality sunglasses will last you for years due to the high quality construction. If you are looking for a high quality pair of polarized sunglasses for your next fishing or camping trip, look no further than the Mako Polarised Sunglasses (Escape).

Copper Glass Lenses: Copper is a high light transmitting lens making it an excellent sight-fishing lens. The light that comes through the lens delivers the detail needed to discern the difference between the bottom structure and fish. Copper lenses are also good in areas with muddy water where the lens is excellent at reducing glare and providing a spotlight on movement in dirty water. There is no equal if you are looking for a lens that enhances your vision in all conditions. This lens is suitable in all variable light conditions. It is also an excellent driving lens.

Lens Details:

Glass Brown Base/Blue Mirror (G1HR6)

This is a glass brown lens with a high-definition filter, infra-red filter, and internal blue mirror.

The G1HR6 lens is most suited to land based, offshore boat fishing as well as outdoor sports. It is also effective as a sight fishing lens in shallow water environments and will cut through the surface glare offshore for game fishers. It transfers light well, offering excellent vision and sits in the medium light transmission category. More light getting to your eyes means better visibility, so this lens is useful when scanning the water for fish or off roading and general road driving where shadows can sometimes change the available light quickly. The brown lens delivers close to the natural colours you would see with the naked eye making it comfortable all day long. It is suitable in shady conditions through to full light.

Glass Grey (G0HR)

This is a glass grey lens with high-definition filter and infra-red filter.

The MAKO G0HR lens is perfect as an allrounder with a neutral colour balance. It is a comfortable lens for driving and general fishing where seeing fish is not key to success. Offshore, saltwater boat and game fishing are all comfortable with the G0HR. Comfort comes from the lens reproducing colours that are closest to what you would see with the naked eye. This lens has excellent glare reduction and light reduction which appears to the wearer as a darker tone. It has a lower light transmission than any other lens colour in the range. It is most suitable in areas of consistent high light such as a bright sunny day. It is one of the most popular non-task specific lens colours available in the range.

Glass Rose Base/Green Mirror (G2H5)

This is a glass rose lens with a high-definition filter and internal green mirror.

The G2H5 lens is perfect for all types of fishing from general boat fishing to sight fishing to watching the lure spread offshore in the blue water. A favourite among the ambassadors, this lens has proved suitable in fresh and saltwater applications. This is a high light transmission lens. It has enhanced depth penetration which is an advantage when looking for fish or structure in the shallows. Its wide range makes it useful for driving in haze conditions and all road-based use. Useful in low light through to full light conditions.

Glass Copper Lens (G3SX)

This is a glass photochromic copper lens base.

The G3SX is the gold standard for freshwater fishing. The copper lens colour is excellent at separating fish from rocky and sandy freshwater streams. This makes it an exceptional sight fishing lens. With a high light transmitting nature, the G3SX is also excellent in brown or muddy streams. It is suitable in all light conditions when sight fishing.

This lens is also an excellent snow and hazy condition option. The lens cuts down on haze exceptionally well, delivering a clearer image than what you would see with the naked eye. Being a deep copper, highly reflective white snow is also clearer to look at through this lens due to its ability to enhance detail in flat light.


- Lightweight durable high density nylon frame
- Mako high pressure injection for hinge strength
- Mako advanced polarisation
- Polycarbonate lens 


- Weight: 0.195 kg
- Lens: Glass
- Frame: Matte Black
- Escape 9581 M01-G1HR6: Glass Brown Base/Blue Mirror
- Escape 9581 M01-G3SX: Glass Copper Lens
- Escape 9581 M01-G0HR: Glass Grey
- Escape 9581 M01-G2H5: Glass Rose Base/Green Mirror