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Land & Sea Sports Orpheus Full Face Mask Snorkel

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Enjoy a new snorkeling experience with the Land & Sea Orpheus Snorkeling Mask.

Designed for snorkeling and freediving, this mask keeps your entire face dry while delivering the ultimate breathing experience with awesome circulation. The dry top snorkel prohibits water from entering your snorkel, and with the full-face mask you can breathe as you normally would through your nose and mouth.


- Anti-Fogging, Fresh Air flows in from the top of the mask and through the air way valves
- Polycarbonate Mask impact resistant light and super strong
- Expelled Air flows in sealed vents up the side of the mask and out again
- Advanced Design Dry Tip prevents water entering the tube when mask is under water
- Non-Allergenic Silicone Skirt The ultimate in comfort and tight seal to prevent water leakage
- Soft Adjustable Straps Holds the mask in place comfortably preventing unwanted movement. Won't pull on your hair or skin
- Purge Valve allows easy clearance of any water that does not enter the mask
- Highest breathable volume
- Lowest CO2 retention
- Anti-fogging design



- Fit - Ages 15 – Adult
- Incredible 180 viewing range