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Land and Sea Heavy Duty HD Dry Bag With Strap

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Fishing, sailing, kayaking, white water rafting and canoeing. And that’s just the beginning. You might not even be going anywhere near the water. What about trips to the snow, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking and camping in the rain or when rain is likely or even unlikely for that matter. If you’re going out to take on the elements, in particular those elements prone to wetting us out of all things, you really need to take a Land and Sea Dry Bag. In this electronic age, a submerged phone or set of car keys could put and extra-large dampener on any trip, and that’s before you even consider things like notebooks, expensive cameras and the whole list of electronics we seem to take everywhere with us in the modern digital age. We carry electronics everywhere and they react very poorly to water.

The Land and Sea Dry Bags are the perfect solution. They’re very easy to carry with an adjustable webbing shoulder strap (5L model doesn't include shoulder strap). They are incredibly strong and robust and will handle the rough treatment outdoor adventures often attract. Most importantly however, your Land and Sea dry bag will keep the water out. Your valuables will remain completely dry. It’s not just electronics you might want to save from the wet stuff, it could be anything, from your food to your maps, your clothes and your outdoor equipment. Whatever it is you need to keep dry, whether you are on water or on land, the Land and Sea Dry Bags are the answer. They’re available in a few great sizes to choose from and are brightly coloured in red for safety and visibility. The small 5 litre bag will be great for a day trip or overnighter but the largest in the range, the 50 litre, has some serious packing space. Whatever your expedition, you need a Land and Sea Dry bag.


- Dry Seal dual strip Roll-Top Closure with quick release buckles
- Fully Adjustable and Removable Webbing shoulder strap (1.5 litre or 5L model does not come with shoulder strap)
- Clear window on 1.5 litre model only.
- Bright Safety Red Colour
- Heavy Duty reinforced Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin Material
- Expedition Proven


(Taken on open bag pushed flat) it will be less when opening is folded down to seal.

- 5L: 27.5cm x 32cm
- 10L: 32.5cm x 42cm
- 20L: 36cm x 60cm
- 50L: 51cm x 63cm