TECHNIPECHE 3533120125430

Technipeche Graphite Metal Tresse Knotable Steel Wire Leader 3m - 40kg

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Truly an innovative product. The trace is manufactured using a gel-spun line (super-braid line) in its core with stainless steel braided over the top of this. Because of its unique construction it is incredibly supple allowing blood-knots, uni-knots etc. to be tied in it. No need for crimps or crimping tools.
The leader works well on Tailor, Flathead, Spotty Mackerel, Jewfish, Threadfin Salmon, Snapper etc. etc.
It's been successfully used in place of heavy mono, it doesn’t deter fish like other wire leaders, it gives your bait a more natural presentation than heavy mono, because of the fine diameter and flexibility , it is also a lot more abrasion and bite-resistant than mono.