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JJs Stumpjumper 37PTROUT Trout And Little Natives Hard Body Lure Value Pack

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The Stump Jumper lure provides a realistic swimming action in waters, which attracts fish and poses an anti snag capability. Each lure features a subtle pattern and fine finish, which helps you get the attention of all the murray cod that lurk in the water.

The lure’s unique design is what makes it possible to catch fish. As long as you use it correctly, you will easily be able to catch trout. Generally, the StumpJumper works best when the angle is 90 degrees, and the tip is brought close to the water surface. The lure is buoyant, which along with the current in the water, prevents snags.


- Great swimming action and fine finishing
- Available in a range of colours


- Model: 37PTROUT
- Size: 55mm
- Hook size: 3
- Quantity Per Pack: 3