Jerry Brown 2331

Jerry Brown Line One Spectra 300yd White Braided Fishing Line - 80lb

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Jerry Brown Line One Spectra is widely regarded among anglers world wide as the finest in splice-able, hollow and non-hollow braid on the market today. Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Braid is smooth, supple and easy to tie or splice, making it a favorite among long range anglers. Jerry Brown Hollow Core is offered in over 24 different line tests and many different colors. Unlike some other players in the braid market, Jerry Brown utilizes genuine Spectra material, Made in the USA resulting in finer diameter fibers that produce the smoother hand-feel and enhanced abrasion resistance. Colored Jerry Brown Hollow Core Braid uses a special thin polymer coating. Lower quality lines use a cheaper, thicker coating. Trust Jerry Brown Line One Spectra for all your fishing needs.