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Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Trout Spinner Lure Value Twin Pack

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Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinner Packs offer freshwater anglers a selection of high-quality traditional spinner lures that are ideal for trout, redfin, bass and other favourites.

This mix of proven designs have anglers covered for myriad fishing scenarios.

Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinners are very strong, giving anglers the confidence to fight on for longer – another way anglers save is with extended use.

The shining metal blades, give off a powerful flash to attract the most stubborn or lethargic of fish.

Crystal Creek Spinners have razor sharp bronzed treble hooks, extremely powerful, to handle the meanest of species and keep them hooked.

Anglers using Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinners are successful Aussie fishos with more to brag about.

Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinners are easy to use, even for the newbie; simply cast, let them sink to the required depth then jerk the rod to get the blades spinning to create that fish-attracting flash and a water-displacing pulse that attracts fish.

From there, anglers are free to experiment and develop their own subtle techniques and land more fish.


- Popular for all freshwater fishing when chasing Trout and Redfin
- Fitted with bright fish attracting metal blades
- Sharp bronzed treble hooks


- 2 Spinners per pack
- Weight: 3.5g, 7g