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Jackall Micro Pompadour 42mm 6.5g Topwater Noisy Bait Fishing Lure

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It’s here, finally Jackall has listened to anglers demands for a smaller surface crawler. Since the release of the larger Pompadour model’s anglers have been dreaming and wishing they would create a smaller surface crawler for targeting the likes of Australian bass, perch and lighter class of fish. That dream is now a reality. We introduce the Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure top water noisy bait.

Built at 42mm in size, its construction is such that it creates a very impressive commotion, side to side wobble and blooping noise. Australian Bass will engulf this little lure as it crawls across the water’s surface with one almighty surface strike.

What sets the Jackall Micro Pompadour lure apart from the other water crawlers on the market is its combination of metal wings (not plastic) which assist the lure to crawl and bloop and the metal propeller on the back of the lure that creates additional water disturbance, vibration as well as sound and action mimicking that of a distressed bug with wings such as a Cicada.

This is one little lure worth a position in any Australian Bass anglers box. However, whilst the Micro Pompadour is set to become one of the best lures for bass, it can be used to target other fish species as well such as the likes of perch, Murray cod, big bream and a host of other light classification fish species that will take a lure off the water’s surface.  


- Durable metal wings
- Metal propeller on rear
- Cut face
- Designed to mimic fallen bugs such as cicadas 


- Length: 42mm
- Weight: Approx 6.5 grams
- Profile: Fat
- Fishing Depth: Surface Lure
- 2x quality hooks (treble at front and double hook at rear)