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Jackall Big Backer 28g Soft Vibe Lure

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The Jackall Soft Big Backer is the next evolutionary step in the soft vibe. These hybrid soft vibes with a metal head and core provide both strength and a fish catching action. This lure can be used in a multitude of retrieves from straight winding to ultra slow hops under the boat. Mix it up with the 2 tails and you have all bases covered.  

The Soft Big Backer comes with 2 interchangeable bodies allowing anglers to change the action of the lure to suit the fishing conditions or initiate a strike from fussy fish. The pin-tail body produces a larger more erratic darting action perfect for covering larger areas or when the fish are aggressive. The paddle tailed body is perfect in coloured water or when fishing for species that favour the additional vibration like Jew, barramundi and Threadfin salmon. Available in a wide range of colours.


- Hybrid soft vibes with a metal head and metal core
- Strong and durable lure
- Interchangeable bodies for multiple action options
- Pin-tail body for more erratic darting action
- Paddle-tailed body for coloured water
- Available in a range of colours 


- Length: 115mm
- Weight: 28g
- Type: Fast Sinking
- Pack Quantity: 1 Head - 2 Tails