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Hardy HBX AWS Fly Reel

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Hand built in Alnwick, England utilising over 140 years of reel building tradition and heritage. The HBX reel combines cutting edge modern cosmetics and technology, with the hand build quality of all of our made in England reels. The range caters for both freshwater scenarios and saltwater scenarios, from brook trout to Tarpon and everything in-between. The HBX reels are low maintenance to allow you to concentrate on what is important. The drag systems are both fully flushable with freshwater, meaning minimal maintenance. History meets modern technology in HBX.

Each HBX has to go through a thorough quality check before leaving the wharf to ensure perfect performance! When a trusted, traditional company like Hardy translates modern design and innovative technology into a reel it’s simply difficult to walk pass!

When designing the HBX reel Hardy didn’t leave out a single scenario that could make this premium reel stumble. The freshwater models FWS are machined from one piece of 6061 aluminium and feature a super reliable Linear Rulon disc drag system ensuring smooth startup's at the entire drag range that can be conveniently adjusted via a large, handy knob.

A strong drag with super smooth startup inertia, innovative design and a closed cage made in England: the HBX is not only a pretty addition to any modern fly rod but a technically advanced piece of kit that is hard to fault in both fresh- and saltwater.

The larger All Water Series reels (AWS) are equipped with a stronger drag system that with a maximum capacity of 15lbs hits quite a mark compared to other premium reel manufacturers. In practice this translates into worry free fishing for large and strong fish like bonefish, permit, GT and tarpon – a closed drag means a closed drag, easy as that! At the same time these large and strong reels are ideally suited for salmon- and steelhead fishing too, especially since the closed reel cage ensures thin running lines can’t slip through. 


- Modern large arbor reel
- Machined from 6061 Aluminium
- Strong drag with smooth startup at the whole range
- Big drag knob for convenient adjustments
- Washable drag system for easy maintenance and longevity when fishing saltwater
- Made in England


- Model: AWS 9/10
- Capacity: WF 10+150m
- Diameter: 108mm
- Weight: 316g
- Gear Ratio: 1.0:1
- Drag Type: Disc Drag

- Model: AWS 10/11
- Capacity: WF 11+200m
- Diameter: 115mm
- Weight: 345g
- Gear Ratio: 1.0:1
- Drag Type: Disc Drag