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Halco Slidog Sinking Stickbait Lure - 85mm

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The new Slidog 85 features the same highly versatile action that attracts beasts from the deep, the 85 is packed into a compact body profile that will be applicable in countless shallow and midwater situations. 

The lure will be in it's element being belted out over bubbling bait schools to entice pelagics at pace. But just as deadly being slowly twitched amongst shallow bombies, terrorising territorial coral trout and spangled emperor populations. Featuring our legendary ultra tough 4xx fish rings, the Slidog 85 is equipped to fight well above its weight class. 

The lure is 85mm long and weighs in at 15g, allowing for epic castability with a slow casting outfit, inevitably covering more ground and finding more fish.


- Highly versatile action
- Compact body profile
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 85mm
- Weight: 15g
- Applications: Casting
- Buoyancy: slow sinking