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Halco Roosta Surface Popper Lure - 45mm

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The Halco Roosta Popper 45 Lure is a surface popper and blooper. Catch big salt water fish with this surface popping lure as it splashes about attracting nearby fish. By changing the height of your rod tip, you are able to change how the lure responds and swims underwater – a rod tip closer to the water surface produces a stronger bubble action and is ideal in rough conditions or strong winds. The Roosta Popper 45 is designed to target salt water predators such as mackerel, trevally and many more.

This popper is highly durable, and withstands the toughest fishing environments. Rigged with strong #6 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles, your conversion rate will dramatically increase, helping you to land more fish, time after time. Adding this lure to your tackle box will get you hooked on surface fishing for many years to come.  


- Great surface popper and blooper lure
- Highly durable
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 45mm (1.7in)
- Weight: 4g
- Hooks: #6 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles
- Buoyancy: Floating