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Halco Madeye Paddle Prawn Soft Plastic Lure 4 Inch

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The Halco Madeyes 4″ Paddle Prawn soft plastic is constructed with Rubber Stretch Technology. The super-stretchy compound enables the Paddle Prawn to withstand repeated strikes, making this 5 inch soft plastic lure ideal for species such as snapper, kingfish, tailor and barramundi.

The thin, lightweight yet durable tail floats up towards the surface when paused and sends irresistible vibrations through the water when jigged. The legs and feelers add to the natural appeal, and this Paddle Prawn soft plastic looks incredibly lifelike in the water.

The Madeyes 4″ Paddle Prawn makes an irresistible addition to every tackle box, and could be the difference between a slow day and an action packed time on the water.


- Rubber stretch technology
- Made for jigging
- Natural appeal


- Length: 4"