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Halco Heavy Duty Wire Shark Trace Pre Made Rig

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A wire shark trace is an important rig to have on hand when fishing with berley. The Halco wire Shark Trace is tough and ready to go, simply tie the rolling swivel to your line and add bait to the Mustad hook. This Halco trace is designed for speed, so you can get your bait out in no time to catch species such as Dusky Sharks, Bronze Whalers, Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks.

Wire Shark Trace by Halco is 1 metre long, and features black wire to add strength and ensure sharks can’t bite through your line. Available in both 100-pound and 150-pound sizes, this trace features a heavy-duty 7/0 or 9/0 Mustad hook attached by a heavy duty crimp. This hook is ideal to haul in a massive shark using live or dead baits. This wire Shark Trace by Halco is essential to adding a good sized shark to your fishing brag board.


- Durable and harder to bite through
- Made with strong Mustad Tarpon hooks
- Quality Japanese rolling swivel
- Tough nylon coated multi-strand wire
- Heavy duty crimps secures hook


- Length: 1m
- 100lb comes size 7/0 hook and 150lb comes with size 9/0 hook