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Fuze Lock 7/0 Jigheads

PHONE ORDERS (07) 4357 8991

The Fuze jighead range is a well-balanced range of heads designed and selected with Australian species and conditions in mind.

The range has features built in that make the Fuze range a stand out in the Aussie jighead market.

HEAD SHAPE: the shape of the Fuze head allows the soft bait to sit on the bottom on a 45 degree angle and presents the soft bait correctly for maximum hook up rates.

GRIP SYSTEM: the custom grip section was designed to hold any tail in our market and hold it well. Its shape and grooves allow for easy rigging, but maximum hold and the fluro orange colour gives the soft bait another dimension in the water.

The hooks used are Shinto and again match the balanced theme of this range with a perfect blend of strength, durability and sharpness to suit all your soft bait fishing needs. 


- Strong, Sharp Shinto hooks
- Unique Fuze Locking system


- Hook Size 7/0
- Weight Sizes 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz and 1oz