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Fish Inc Egilicious Squid Jig 3.0

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Constructed from high quality materials, expertly designed and rigorously tested. Egilicious is the ideal weight for long casts, slow sinking and has a realistic swimming action. A high quality, durable and beautifully finished outer skin, unique 3° tail kick and buoyant 'tail up' design increases the hook up rate while minimising snagging and fouling.

Featuring a tough-as vibrant cloth cover, large realistic eyes, a unique kicked tail and an ideal slow neutral sink, they come armed with ultra-sharp Japanese barbs and great palette of colour options.

Fitted with quality, they are finer than standard prongs to increase the hook up rate, while also allowing the prongs to be straightened under pressure to retrieve the jig when snagged and simply bent back into position to continue fishing. Additional strike triggers include realistic 3D eyes and feather fins, along with a unique range of tested and proven colours.


- Durable tough outer skin
- Unique 3° tail kick and tail up buoyancy
- Reinforced ABS construction
- Realistic 3D eyes
- Quality Owner squid jig prongs
- Available in a wide range of squid imitating colours


- Size: 3.0
- Weight: 11.5g
- Type: Standard sinking