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Entice Bungee Baits Paddler 3 inch Soft Plastic Lure - Mega Clearance

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One of the most versatile shapes in the Entice line up the Entice Bungee Bait Paddler has a realistic versatile fish profile with a large paddling tail that fish cannot resist, combined with a large pulsating paddle tail and a deep ribbed slim fish profile you will have ultimate action in all situations. This shape has been proven dynamite in both estuary and freshwater situations and a standout to entice that strike. This lure is an excellent choice for those starting out with soft plastics and super Ideal for those chasing Bream, Flathead, Snapper and Mulloway. They can be fished with almost any jig head depending on the situation. 


- Super stretchy ribbed profile
- High responsive Paddle tail
- Ultra strong TPR formula material
- Maximum performance
- Tuned action
- Ultimate durability
- Blister packaging
- Available in a range of colours 


- Length: 3 inches
- Quantity Per Pack: 6