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Ecooda Mini Digital Fishing Scale

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Ecooda mini digital scales are a fabulous set of scales that feet easily into your pocket. They’ll give an accurate reading on any fish up to 25kg. That’s quite a capacity for a set of scales that are literally pocket size. Constructed of hard wearing durable materials, the Ecooda mini digital scales will weigh on with accuracy well into your fishing career, regardless of the rigors of a hard life on the water. Ecooda have even been generous enough to supply the scales with the required battery. Who does that?

The Ecooda mini digital scales are available for sale now for little more than pocket change. They will give you a more complete indication of the fishes critical details that measuring alone. Get yourself a set of Ecooda mini digital scales, they may just be your key to beating your mates and winning the prize.

Now all fishing business aside, when you are not using the digital weighing scales to capture the weight of fish they will come in handy for a number of other practical uses such as the next time you need to travel on a plane and the budget airline you are travelling with clearly stipulates that no baggage over 10kg for example is allowed without paying ridiculous excess baggage charges. Weight your luggage to solve this heart ache in the airport queue.

  • Weighs fish up to 25kg
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket or the smallest of tackle boxes
  • Only one battery required (supplied)
  • Very Accurate
  • Durable and hardwearing