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Ecogear SX 60F Hard Body Lure

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Shad style lure designed with the best quality components. All the SX lures are built with a great shad body for tight shimmy action, and weighted for slow floating buoyancy in saltwater. A highly versatile range, it can be used to catch a huge range of predator fish. ECOGEAR's exhaustive shad line-up allows the angler to adapt to any fishing situation. 

When targeting a school of fish with the SX 40F, try occasionally switching over to the SX 40F’s big brothers, the SX 48F or 60F. Switching up can help you pinpoint the bigger fish in the school. This is a great trick for when you need to upgrade your keeper fish, or when you are out looking to break your personal best. Upsizing can also help you cast further and catch wary big fish that tend to stay further away from the boat.  


- Japanese designed
- Highly versatile lure to catch those predatory fish
- Weighted for slow floating
- Tight swimming action
- Available in a range of colours


- Weight: 6.5g
- Length: 60mm
- Depth Range: 2.0m