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Ecogear SX 40LC Hard Body Lure

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The new SX 40LC (Long Cast) builds upon the reputation of the ever popular and highly successful SX 40F. Built with an elaborate weight transfer system, the "long-cast" has been designed to cover vast areas and fish depths that were previously impossible. ECOGEAR’s new shad line-up is clearly a must have for any serious angler.

Designed with a completely new lip, the SX 40LC dives deeper and faster than the SX 40F and is fine tuned to produce action with extra appeal at deeper ranges. Used along with the SX 40F it allows anglers to tackle deeper and clearer water with more confidence than ever before.

Based on the proven SX 40F shad body, the SX 40LC has been fitted with an intricate weight transfer system that maximizes casting range. Meticulously designed the weight moves quickly into position on retrieve and locks in place for superb action.


- Japanese designed
- Highly versatile lure to catch those predatory fish
- Elaborate weight transfer system
- Tight swimming action
- Available in a range of colours


- Weight: 2.6g
- Length: 40mm
- Depth Range: 1.3m