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Ecogear Breamer Vibe ZX35 Shrimp Vibe Blade Lure

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Ecogear's Breamer Vibe 35 is the latest addition to their extremely effective ZX range. The Breamer Vibe 35 is a poly/metal hybrid which offers a see-through profile to imitate the natural colour of a prawn/shrimp underwater. It's amazing vibration and balanced swimming action is achieved via weight distribution of the belly.

The Breamer Vibe 35 also comes with ultra sharp ZX hooks so you stay hooked up to the fish but avoid getting snagged.

Not only will this lure be irresistable to Bream, but Flathead, Australian Bass, Trout, Yellowbelly, Trevally, and more will be chasing this bait for a bite. 


- Amazing vibration and balanced swimming action
- Suitable for fishing freshwater or saltwater
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 35mm
- Weight: 6g