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Dan Fender Inflatable Orange Heavy Duty Anchor Retrieval Buoy

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Inflatable Heavy Duty Bouy Inflatable Orange, pear shaped, injection moulded from tough flexible vinyl. Features heavy duty black solid injection moulded eye, high gloss body and metal inflation valve. Ideal for use as marker buoys, fenders, commercial use and in the aquaculture industry. Also available with stainless steel eye inserts and the option of closed-cell polyurethane foam filling to special order and subject to minimum order quantity.

Stainless steel insert collars are available for continuous heavy duty use. When selecting a mooring buoy for your required application please apply the following recommendations Dan-Fenders test mooring buoys to their maximum values. Buoys/fenders are completely submerged in freshwater when buoyancy tests are conducted. We therefore recommend 60% of the value stated as the units working capacity. All measurements and buoyancies are calculated with a pressure of 0.15 bar (2 psi) at approximately 20 degC (68 degF).


- Heavy duty black solid injection moulded eye
- High gloss body
- Metal inflation valve
- Closed-cell polyurethane foam filling
- Colour orange


- Model: 141552
- Diameter size: 160mm

- Model: 141556
- Diameter size: 320mm

- Model: 141558
- Diameter size: 405mm

- Model: 141560
- Diameter size: 480mm